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American Eskimo Puppies for Sale

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American Eskimo Puppies  For SaleAmerican Eskimo Dog Apperance
The standard for the American Eskimo Dog calls for them to be white or white & biscuit cream, with brown eyes (blue eyes, such as those found on the Siberian Husky, are a disqualification and a sign of poor health or breeding), and a compact body. The American Eskimo Dog's length should be only slightly greater than its height at the shoulder. The muzzle is long and lupine (in contrast to the muzzles of Pomeranians). The American Eskimo Dog's ears are held erect and alert, and the tail should be feathered and loosely curled on the dog's back. American Eskimo Dogs look very much like smaller versions of the Samoyed, and come in three standard sizes. The toy is from 9 to 12 inches (23 to 30 cm) at the withers; the miniature is from 12 to 15 inches (33 to 38 cm); the standard is from 15 inches up to and including 19 inches (39 to 48 cm).

American Eskimo Puppies  For SaleThe American Eskimo Dog or Eskie, as with all Nordic breeds, has erect, triangular ears ("prick ears"), a tail that flips onto the dog's back in a spiral, and two coats of fur: an undercoat that is softer and helps insulate the dog, and an outer coat that's harsher and acts as a weather "repellent".

American Eskimo Dog Temperament
American Eskimos dogs were bred to be companion dogs, not just the family dog to put outside when they bother their owners. American Eskimo Dogs thrive on being a part of their human family. Eskies love their families, and a well-socialized dog is more of a pleasure to own. Eskies are easily trained and very intelligent, as well as being strong-willed and independent. At home, American Eskimo Dogs make excellent watchdogs, barking to announce the presence of strangers. The Eskie can be protective of its home and family, but it shouldn't threaten to attack or bite a person(unless the person provoked the attack). American Eskimos must be trained early in age to come to their master. They do not respond well to aggressive dicipline. Spanking an American Eskimo for its mistake may result in a growling war instead of punishment. Make sure to research the dog's parents as their temperament may vary due to inheritance. If an Eskie has been hurt by someone, it may lose trust in that being, become very defensive around them, and may even snap or bite.

Many people find the puppies of American Eskimo Dogs to be very cute and purchase this breed as a puppy without doing sufficient research, such as discovering the longevity and needs of this breed. The American Eskimo breed can take longer to mature than other breeds, and Eskies can behave more like puppies than like adults for up to two years, when they finally start to mature and grow their adult coats. American Eskimo dogs are also a very intelligent dog and need to be stimulated. When their intelligence is not stimulated or they are ignored, they can develop behavior issues. Owners can avoid this problem by socializing their Eskie through obedience training or participating in dog sports, such as dog agility, flyball, or dancing.

Are your a(n) American Eskimo puppy breeder? Contact Us to advertise and sell your American Eskimo puppies here!

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