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All about Anatolian Shepherd Puppies The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a large, noble and powerful livestock guardian. Anatolian Shepherd Dog is very similar to the Great Pyrenees and the Kuvasz, but is more slender and agile. Capable of great speed and endurance. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog's head is large, but in good proportion with the rest of the body. The rectangular muzzle should be a bit shorter than the skull, with a blunt profile and is often black. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog skull is wide and slightly rounded, with a slight stop. The lips are edged in black and hang down slightly, however the upper lip should not hang down lower than the bottom jaw's lower edge. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog's teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The triangular, pendant ears are often black and rather small with rounded tips. In Turkey, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog ears are often cropped very short. The small, deep-set eyes range from gold to brown in color. Liver colored dogs have brown eye rims and a brown nose. Nose and eye rims for all other dogs should be black. The thick, muscular neck has a slight dewlap. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog topline is mainly level; though slightly rounded at the loin. The chest reaches to the elbows. The back is short relative to leg length. The front legs are straight and set well apart. When the Anatolian Shepherd Dog dog is alert, the high-set tail is carried curled over the back; otherwise, it hangs low with a slightly upward curl reaching the hocks. The short or rough double coat is generally fawn with a black mask, though any color is acceptable. Other frequently seen colors include pinto, white and brindle. The outer coat of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is smooth and the length may vary greatly depending on the season and the dog's lineage - it is longer around the collar and tail. There are two basic coat types: medium length and medium long

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Country of Origin: Turkey.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Size: Shoulder height: 74-81 cm (29.25 to 31.75 inches).

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Coat: Smooth and mainly short, but longer around the collar and tail.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Character: Anatolian Shepherds are brave, cautious around strangers, and can sometimes be stubborn.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Temperament: Anatolian Shepherds get along well with other animals that they have known since they were young. While somewhat guarded around strangers, there are rarely problems with children in their own family.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Care: This breed requires very little grooming. During shedding, it is necessary to use a comb with a double row of metal teeth to remove dead and loose hairs.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Training: This dog requires a firm, experienced trainer. Training must begin quite early in an Anatolian Shepherd's life.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Activity: This breed requires a lot of exercise. A yard with a fence is required, as the dog will determine its own exercise needs.

Are your a(n) Anatolian Shepherd puppy breeder? Contact Us to advertise and sell your Anatolian Shepherd puppies here!

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