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Welcome to the land of the Basset Hound, the gentle giant. The number one item on a Basset’s list is to please everyone around it. They achieve their goal by doing clownish things every day of the week. Now you are ready to step into the secret world of the Basset Hound

The Basset Hound was bred in France at around the 1500’s. The reason they are called "Basset" is derived from the French word "bas set ", which means low-set. So, in English, Basset Hound really means Low-set Hound.

Bassets were bred for slow trailing hares and rabbits. The reason this was benifical to humans was that we did not have to ride horses to catch rabbits. The bad part of trailing rabbits, on horseback, is that they get scared of the clamorous noises that a horse’s hooves produce. People still use Bassets for hunting rabbits today.

In 1894, breeder Sir Everett Millais disapproved of the effects of crossbreeding a Basset hound and a Blood Hound, to make Basset puppies. The first litter made half the amount of puppies totally black and the other half all tan. The pups were also frail & small and some of them died.

Millais went through many litters of disappointments, until he bred a black Basset from a previous litter and a tan & white Basset from another family, and the end result was different from all of the rest. The puppies fur color was now had Tricolor ( White, tan, and black) markings, instead of all one color. Not only were the pups more colorful, they were healthier and larger. They became this way because Millais had been breeding Bassets that were in the same family, which causes life- threatening diseases.


The Basset Hound is often dubbed as a half-witted, clumsy dog. But they are actually very clever and have unexpected agility in their movements.

They have a very gentle and lovable temperament and are, quite frankly, the best dog with children. Bassets tend to be obedient, but you must train all through their puppyhood ( and a bit during adulthood) to get them to listen to you when they’re older. They have a tendency to be intensely stubborn. For instance, you tell your Basset to come, it looks at you and knows your calling it to you, but runs in the other direction nevertheless.

The Basset Hound is usually a very joyful dog despite their melancholy face. They love people so much and always want to do what the whole pack is doing. Many dogs desire to be the leader of the pack, but Bassets have a different idea. They want a defined leader to follow, but if there is none, they think since there is no leader, and there should be, they take on the role.

A Basset needs a large apartment or a small house to feel comfortable. They like the feeling of warmth and coziness. But they still need a great deal of space to move around in, since they’re so massive in weight and size. You would be making an awful mistake if you had a Basset in a small apartment. They usually make so much noise, in their howling and such, that it would overwhelming in such a small space. IV: Appearance.

Bassets may look comical and not proportioned appropriately but their bodies serve as a function. Earlier I told you about the origin of their existence, but now I’ll tell you why they look the way they do.

Their head is massive and doesn’t look like it would never be a perfect fit for their long body, but , surprisingly enough, it does. It doesn’t really help that the have a long snout. But the truth is that’s what makes a Basset look different from all the rest. Bassets ears are very lengthy and feel velvety against your skin. Sometimes, when Bassets are bred by amateur breeders, they are born with their ears are too short.

A Basset’s tail should never be docked. It should be long, analogous to a whip. You know if your Basset is a true hunter, look at the tip of it’s tail. If the tip is white, you have a hunter. It is white because when Bassets hunt, it’s hard to see where they are. Hence, the white tip is seen well and the hunter can see his dog.

The average female Basset should weigh between 45-50 pounds and a male’s weight should never exceed 78 pounds. Their heavy bones make them weigh more than you would think. Just make sure that a Basset doesn’t get fat. A lot of people feed their Basset Hound, more than it should be fed, because this breed of hound looks so sad.

The explanation for their mounds of loose skin is because it holds scents in. So, when the hunt, they’ll be hot on the trail to a rabbit. The only fault about the skin is it makes a Basset smell, and you have to live with it.

One distasteful thing about Basset hounds is they drool. That is the number one reason people get rid of their Bassets.

Their coat stays very short but it sheds a considerable amount. It also comes in many colors. There’s Tri-color (Tan, black, and white) , Tan and white, and Lemon and white.

Their paws are very wide for control of the Basset’s massive body. Also, their nails are thick, long, and are as sharp as a Great Dane’s nails. Their nails are so spiky they can cut through an average garden hose.

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